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💛 New Gape Plug L .: YELLOW :. d👑

💛 New Gape Plug L .: YELLOW :. d👑

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⭐ Gape Plug ⭐ Anal Plug ⭐ Pussy Plug ⭐


For that permanent stretch with no pain or discomfort.
Quality silicone crafted with sensitivity and strength.

Designed to be worn for hours with ease.
No slipping or discomfort.

For those times when you want to intensify your enjoyment
Be it vaginal or butt
Taking your pleasure to a whole new level
To feel full and fulfilled
Satisfy those darkest desires
And immerse yourself
In the world of deeper play.


This plug is very well suited for both vaginal and anal play.

The silicone has a good firmness for easy insertion, and its shape will quickly adjust to you.

The plug is proven to stay in place and still be comfortable for a longer period.

⭐ Made from medical grade silicone .⭐

  .. This is the fifth version of the plug ..  

This Gape Plug has been tested by a test group and has been prototyped, evaluated, and redesigned several times before this final release.


Like all of my products,
This plug is made of 100% body-safe silicone.
I buy my silicone from Elkem in Germany 🇩🇪,
which offers medical-grade silicone. 

The silicone is not cheap but
 who doesn't like premium products? 

You can read more about the silicone here:

How to clean your silicone products.🧽

Use soap and water 💦
shake and let air-dry 💨
and avoid oil-based
products together
with silicone.

Shipping cost 📦

Sweden                       2 € 🚚
EU                                5 € 🚢
Rest of the world     6€ 🛫

Shipping and packaging 📬

Small products will be shipped
in padded envelopes 📩
Large products will be shipped
in discreet cardboard boxes 📦

In case a customs declaration is required📄
the goods will have discrete info:
"Mechano, therapy, appliance"


  Everything is handmade by me.   👨‍🔬

Here you can see the process
of me making the Gape Plug.

 After many hours of 3D modeling, I prepared the model to be 3D printed.

The first model is called a master model.


I use a high-quality resin printer to make my plug come to life.


The printer does good work, but I want perfection, so I hand sanding the model to my standard.


Then I sandblasted the master modest to get the amazing surface texture.


Afterward, I used clay to deal clean the model.

The next step is to cast a mold of the master model, so I 3D printed all the parts needed.

I cast the mold with silicone and let I harden in a pressure chamber to avoid any air bubbles.


Master model and mold.


Finally, I use the newly made silicone mold to cast a perfect replica of the master model. 💕





If the color is not your favorite,
or you are unsure about the size,
or maybe you have any other questions.
Don't hesitate to get in touch with me. 📨

I'm happy to help.

Made with  love from  Sweden  🇸🇪


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